Support James!

Support James!

SO HERE’S THE DEAL: everyone who works for RUF raises 100% of their salary each year. Thanks to some generous donations and support by some truly beautiful and tremendous people, I’m already pretty close to hitting my mark – but I still do have some money to raise. At the time of writing this (6/1/18) I have about $4,000 left to raise – which means I could potentially be done with just the support of just 11 people!

Here’s an example break-down that would get me to my goal:
2 $100/month (or a $1,200 one time gift)
2 $50/month (or a $600 gift)

1 $25/month (or a $300 gift)

What does this money go towards? On a mechanical level, it pays my salary (you know, so I can occasionally eat a vegetable), enables me to attend RUF Staff Training where me and my fellow interns are equipped and encouraged for further ministry, covers conference costs as we bring students on weekend trips for the sake of learning and group development, and allows me to meet with more students during the week over dinner or coffee to talk about how Jesus makes sense of their crazy lives.

But not only that; God actually uses the mechanics of your gifts to continue building his perfect kingdom.

Would you prayerfully consider getting involved in the ministry of RUF at Arkansas at one of the levels I mentioned above? And, regardless of your financial ability, would you please pray for me and for my students? I love them so, so much, and they’re in desperate need of your prayers because they, like me, are in desperate need of Jesus.

In Him,

P.S. Know someone who might be interested in supporting the ministry here? Please send them this page! Also if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

How Do I Give??

Thanks to the modern marvels of technology, sending financial support has never been easier! All you need to do is click here, then follow the check-out instructions!

If you’d rather send a check, there’s a couple of things you’ll have to do:

  1. Make the check out to “Reformed University Fellowship” or “RUF”
  2. Write 1675 in the memo line (This is VERY important, as RUF typically puts checks they receive into their General Fund)
  3. Mail it to Reformed University Fellowship, P.O. Box 890004, Charlotte, NC 28289-0004

All donations are tax deductible, and you’ll receive a receipt for each transaction. RUF is a certified 501(3)(c).